To offer personal growth opportunities for Youth to acquire skills and techniques, activating their innate potential through interactive and experience based learning.

Michael’s passion for teaching and volunteer heart have drawn him to numerous organisations where he has been working with youth since he was 12 years old. Among these, are organisations such as Scouts South Africa, Lifesaving South Africa and a couple of Churches.

As District Commissioner of the NorthWest Scouting District he was responsible for over 100 adult volunteers who in turn worked with thousands of Cubs and Scouts, teaching them life skills and leadership techniques.

Apart from being the Vice President of Jozi Lifesaving, a qualified IRB Lifeguard and Level 3 First Aider who serves along side the youth Lifeguards, Michael assisted with the training of nearly 50 Lifeguards ranging between 8 & 22 years of age.

He derives great pleasure from imparting knowledge and skills to young people, but what really drives him is seeing the kids blossom and grow into confident young individuals who go on to become well adjusted, self sufficient and productive citizens.

His own pursuit of self help techniques over many years in business has greatly enhanced his range of knowledge, skills and understanding of how to empower people to achieve much more in their lives.

Resident Facilitator - Michael 

About us

Our Mission

At nine years of age Merritt was introduced to Mind Power. At the time, due to excessive bullying at school, he was living a totally inactive lifestyle where he played absolutely no sport. His academics left much to be desired. The changes he was able to implement in his own mind began to attract to him all manner of good things.

Within a very short space of time, he began to see massive changes in his life.

Firstly, he was elected by his peers as a patrol leader in scouts at only 12 years of age. Normally only 16 year olds show the kinds on leadership attributes that get them elected to the position.

Using Mind Power and other techniques he had learned and with the aid of a chiropractor who helped him begin the process of moving correctly, Merritt soon started to show interest in sport again and began swimming.

Swimming in a pool soon developed into Open Water Swimming and then into Lifesaving. Merritt excelled in all three sports and was soon selected for the Gauteng Lifesaving Team where he has represented Gauteng at the SA National Lifesaving Championships four years in a row.

Merritt was later offered a scholarship at a top school in Johannesburg based on his Sport and Academic Achievements, going on to be the 'runner-up' Sportman of the year in only his 2nd year at the school.

Merritt is the currently ranked 2nd in South Africa for Lifesaving in his age group and has been awarded the Victor Ludorum for Gauteng, four years in a row.

Merritt was recently awarded with his 'Springbok' Colours in Scouting - the higest award for a Scout below 18 years of age. Only 0.03% of Scouts ever achieve this prestigeous accolade.

Merritt has only just begun…

Graduate / Ambassador / Resident Facilitator - Merritt 

Our Vision

To realise an empowered dynamic youth, equipped with the necessary life skills, healthy mind set and sound core values to pursue their hearts desires and become the influential leaders of tomorrow.


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime...  (Proverb)

Founder - Madine Tyson


First said by Betty Smith ( A Tree Grows in Brooklyn ) ‘Dear God,’ she prayed, ‘let me be something every minute of every hour of my life.’

Trust in God, believe in yourself and what you are doing, the rest takes care of itself.

Meet Madine Tyson. She has been in business from the beginning of her adult life. She really had no choice, with her father being a business man, role model and mentor.

Madine’s corporate sales and marketing background is based in the Print and Promotional Industries. She started her first print broking company in the late 1980’s and has gained extensive experience in her field. As she grew in stature and experience, she experienced success and failure on her road as a Womantrepreneur.

She is passionate about her community and has been an active volunteer for community organizations such as being a mentor & leader in the Scouting organization which is the largest youth development program in the world boasting 30 million members. She has also been involved with Mind Power through Robin Banks Associates for seven years as a volunteer assisting the aspirations of people to a higher conscious level.

It was her passion for youth and her son Merritt’s journey that drove Madine to start Smart Teens, a program that encourages youth to discover, develop and design their lives in a way that works for them as individuals within their own context.

Madine’s mission statement is “ I empower future leaders by imparting sound core values, demonstrating life skills, changing mind sets and stirring up the creative juices within for a platform of Entrepreneurship.“